Cash Flow
Our projects are risk and cash flow optimized. Our buildings are build faster and with less on site personnel. Your return on invest is therefore minimum 15% higher your ROI increased and fixed. We work on time!
Closed Panel Technology is what we offer and we build bespoke so you can get what you want. Our products can build until 5 or 6 floors. We use beside timber frames also other technologies so you are sure that we build ecologic and economic. Items like sanitary, electric or medical can be integrated from our factory
We are building off site manufactured buildings  and we you will be assured that it is more cost efficient and not only saves during the project but also after it has been build. Our performance is 100% better than traditional building
About Us
Constreco Group is the company for building energy efficient buildings. Constreco Group is based in Spain and has its technical, design and calculation office in Malaga and contract factories in middle and Eastern Europe. In Holland, UK, Libya and Nigeria soon will be subsidiaries as we make sure that all companies are certified for building projects without risks
Constreco Group  |  C/. Granados, nº 3 - 2º A  |  E-29008 - Málaga (Spain)  |  Tlf./Fax: +34 951 25 24 23  |